When it comes to specializations with the realm of 3D modeling, I like to consider myself a connoisseur of character creation, surfacing specialist and tactician of textures. My prefered 3D programs are Maya and Zbrush, and I often utilize the two in tandem to create assets that are ready to be rigged and animated with little to no fuss.

Over the course of my career, I’ve held the position of Lead Modeler and Texture Artist within a medical animation studio, and was tasked with creating up to 14 different anatomical models at any given time (sometimes even in one day.) This ranged from constructing custom cardiovascular models, to fully-clothed characters. From cleaning up 3D scans and CAD files, to piecing the perfect spine together with an array of different facet joints. Coupled with my role as Art Director, I designed the overall look and feel of animated pieces. This gave me flexibility to explore a wide variety of different surfacing and texturing techniques.

With Photoshop, Zbrush and other 3D painting softwares at my disposal, I’ve primarily created hand-painted textures and worked closely alongside all other members of an animation pipeline.