Often times, I’ve heard others refer to the usage of watercolor early on in middle school and high school art classes as a way to “thin the herd.” It requires patience, practice and a healthy dose of humility, and I found I was sorely lacking in at least one of those departments for most of my career. (If you couldn’t guess, it was patience.)

Watercolor has become one of my preferred mediums as of late. Methodically planning out a piece, pushing and pulling water across the page, layering color and waiting for everything to dry before starting the process all over again has become a relaxing and welcomed practice.

Admittedly, I still have a lot to learn, as all artists do, but the exploration of watercolors and inks has added much needed diversity to my body of work. Not to mention, it makes me appreciate the transform tool that much more.

Enjoy a few time-lapse videos (below) to gain better insight into my process!