educational animation

3M Tegaderm 35th History Video
Client: Morsekode, 3M
Morsekode's was tasked by 3M to create an internal video showcasing the innovation of their patented medical dressings in an engaging and entertaining way, without shying away from occasional humor. After receiving preliminary illustrations and storyboards from artist Drew Schmidt, Morsekode contacted me to carry the video to completion. The "3M Tegaderm: 35th History Video” was created utilizing a combination of hand drawn animation and motion graphics techniques.

My role in the "3M Tegaderm: 35th History Video” includes: Illustration, asset creation, character design, environment design, 2D hand-drawn animation, motion graphics, editing, color correction and final delivery.

Co-Operative Network
Client: Co-Op Network of Minnesota and Wisconsin
The Cooperative Network of Minnesota and Wisconsin asked CRASH+SUES create an animated, educational video explaining the importance and function of Co-Ops. Using existing illustrations from illustrator Cicely Comb, new characters and environments were created to populate “Co-Op Town.” This animation celebrates the Cooperative Network’s theme of “Take Ownership,” encouraging consumers to take charge of their economic destinies with their local co-op.

My role in the “Co-Op Educational Video” includes: Co-creative direction, script writing, conceptual development, storyboarding, character and environment design, pre-visualization, asset creation, rigging, animation, motion design, music selection and final delivery.

3M Tegaderm 35th History Video (Stills)
Client: MOrsekode


Co-Op Educational Video
Client: Cooperative network


Educational Illustration


Write Brain Books approached me prior to their public launch to create a series of illustrated children’s books. What’s unique about these books, you might ask? They had to be relatable and understandable without any text to accompany the illustrations. These books were designed to give children of all backgrounds the opportunity to share their own voice by writing directly on the page.

My contribution to Write Brain Books includes: Two, full length, illustrated children’s books, conceptual development, narrative development, character designs, environment designs, line-art and stand alone illustrations.